How Much Should I Give?

After each show, performers will “pass the hat” for your tips and donations. This is how our buskers make their living. The festival provides a travel stipend and accommodations, but every busker’s paycheque is literally in your hands. 

If you enjoyed the show, please contribute an amount you can afford that expresses your thanks for a great time! (If you have to leave early, feel free to drop your donation by their sound system or hand it to their pitch volunteer.)

It’s up to you how much to give. If the show made you laugh or say ‘wow,’ $2-5. If you loved their show and were amazed, give more. You won’t be the only person dropping in $10 or $20!

Street performing is unique: everyone gets to see the show regardless of their ability to pay. If you truly can’t afford a tip, shake the performer’s hand and let them know you enjoyed the show. If you’re doing well, put in a little extra to cover someone else unable to give—share your joy!

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