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For a taste of what we offer, check out the 2018 performance schedule. Schedule and acts for 2019 coming soon!


TimeMusic PitchStage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4Music Too
7:00Street CircusMat RicardoThe Vaudevillian
7:30Clark SchlesingerCirqa BravaMighty Mike
8:00Duo LookyThelmo ParoleKyler Mackenzie
8:30Jonathan MarkovKilted ColinWacky Chad
9:00Mat RicardoStreet CircusDirty Hippie Music
9:30Madison GallowayCirqa BravaEgemen Ustun


TimeMusic PitchStage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4Music Too
12:00Street CircusKilted ColinNewton's Nemesis
12:30Dirty Hippie Music
Mighty MikeThelmo ParoleIllusionsmagic
1:00Duo LookyMat RicardoLaura Keating
1:30The VaudevillianEgemen UstunWacky Chad
2:00Kilted ColinMighty MikeMadison Galloway
2:30Ash the AcrobatDuo LookyCirqa Brava
3:00Nik the Violin KidStreet CircusWacky ChadDirty Hippie Music
3:30Laura KeatingMat RicardoEgemen Ustun
4:00Mighty MikeThelmo ParoleThe Vaudevillian
4:30IllusionsmagicKilted ColinDuo Looky
5:00Wacky ChadStreet CircusKyler Mackenzie
5:30Madison GallowayThelmo ParoleCirqa Brava
6:00Mat RicardoEgemen UstunLaura Keating
6:30Jonathan MarkovMighty MikeKilted Colin
7:00Thelmo ParoleDuo LookyAsh the Acrobat
7:30Dirty Hippie MusicWacky ChadStreet CircusNik the Violin Kid
8:00Egemen UstunCirqa Brava(Nik continues)
8:30Newton's NemesisKyler MackenzieMadison Galloway


TimeMusic PitchStage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4Music Too
12:00Clark SchlesingerThelmo ParoleJonathan Markov
12:30Dirty Hippie MusicCirqa BravaDuo Looky
1:00Egemen UstunMat RicardoAsh the Acrobat
1:30Kyler MackenzieKilted ColinStreet CircusNik the Violin Kid
2:00Wacky ChadCirqa BravaNewton's Nemesis
2:30The VaudevillianThelmo ParoleMighty MikeClark Schlesinger
3:00Mat RicardoDuo Looky
3:30Nik the Violin KidEgemen UstunWacky ChadMadison Galloway
4:00Ash the AcrobatMighty MikeKilted Colin
4:30Clark SchlesingerDirty Hippie MusicJonathan MarkovThe Vaudevillian
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