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Dedicated volunteers are at the heart of Buskerfest every year. We are looking for a fun loving, hard working group to once again make this one of the top festivals in Ontario in 2019!
In an effort to maintain the strong level of volunteer support that we have enjoyed in the past, we ask all who apply to commit to a minimum of two volunteer shifts during this weekend.
Questions? Contact Volunteer Coordinator Steve Raymond

Volunteer Role Descriptions

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Circle Master

Stationed at each of the performance circles, pairs of 2 Circle Masters oversee the individual busker performances. Duties Include:

  • Overseeing crowd safety during performances. Circle Masters must be capable of effectively communicating (via walkie-talkie) with the Volunteer Coordinator in the event of an injury or emergency situation
  • Acting as a representative of the festival, answering the questions of patrons
  • Helping performing buskers in minor ways (Ex. Helping with an audio cue for their performance, watching their valuables during their performance, contacting the Volunteer Coordinator if there is a sound system issue, etc.)
  • Care of the sound equipment. In the event of rainy weather, the Circle Master must protect the sound speakers with the plastic coverings provided

As Circle Masters will be stationed in one position for hours at a time, it is recommended that one brings a chair to sit on as well as appropriate protection from the elements (Sun screen, hat, rain jacket, etc.)

Food Court

The food court is the central place where patrons can purchase food and drinks at the festival. There are many tables and chairs for festival goers to sit down and eat. Working alongside the Food Court Supervisor, volunteers are responsible for the following:

  • General cleaning and maintaining of the food court area (Ex. wiping down tables and chairs and sweeping as required)
  • Encouraging patrons to discard their garbage and recycling in the appropriate places
  • Answering any event related questions of patrons or directing them to the Information Booth
  • Setting up of tables and chairs before the start of the festival each day and taking them down for storage at the end of each day

Green Room

The green room is where the buskers spend their time between their performances. The festival provides them with meals and refreshments as well as a private area to prepare for their next performance. Working alongside the Artistic Coordinator of the festival, Green Room volunteers are responsible for the following duties:

  • Maintaining of the green room area (minor cleaning, sweeping, etc.)
  • Replenishing of food and drinks in the green room as required
  • Helping buskers to bring their personal items/props to their performance circle
  • Other duties as required by the Artistic Coordinator

Hydration Squad

Each festival volunteer is afforded one 20-minute break per shift. Hydration Squad volunteers relieve other volunteers of their positions while they take their break. Hydration Squad volunteers must be able to comfortable walk up to 2 kilometers per shift.

Information Booth

The information booth is the central meeting place for all volunteers. It is also the point of reference for all festival patrons to have their questions answered, seek first aid, locate missing children/family members and find all information having to do with Buskerfest. Information Booth duties are as follows:

  • Acting as a representative of the festival, answering the questions of patrons
  • Helping volunteers to sign in and out for their shifts
  • Other duties as required by the Volunteer Coordinator

Sound Crew

Working alongside the Sound Coordinator, Sound Crew volunteers maintain the sound equipment for the festival on an ongoing basis. Duties include:

  • Setting up the sound equipment before the start of the festival each day and taking down of the equipment at the end of the festival each evening (The same Sound Crew volunteers may not be required to perform both of these duties on the same day)
  • Maintaining the sound equipment throughout each day of the festival as required
  • Other duties as required as dictated by the Sound Coordinator

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