Dundas International Buskerfest

June 1, 2, 3, 2018

Friday 6pm-10pm, Saturday 11:30am-10pm, Sunday 11:30am-6pm


Experience organized pandemonium, uncontrollable laughter and non-stop family fun!   free entry image


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Welcome back to the 2017 Dundas International Buskerfest!

This year we’re all about SPECTACLE! Trapeze rigs and coconut trees, stacked chairs and giant unicycles—Build it high, build it big, build it best in honor of Canada150! We welcome performers from across Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

For big thrills, check out Alakazam’s high-pole contortion, The Flyin’ Hawaiian’s amazing hooping, the Silver Starlets’ 20-foot trapeze rig and Bar Code Russian Bar’s flips and flights!

For big laughs, enjoy the wild and wet Waterbombs!, Vinyl Burns Rock&Roll Circus, stilts and stunts with Alléz-Oops! and ace comedian Mike Wood the Cabbage Catch Kid.

For big energy, watch John Stork The Chair Guy tackle his stack of sketchy chairs—and his first international busker festival! As our Debut Busker, we’re proud to introduce his show to Canada.

Hey parents! For clean all-ages entertainment, take the whole family to Waterbombs!, Bar Code Russian Bar, Alléz-Oops!, The Drum and Didge Circle, and watch for roving entertainers Lacey Lucidity and Everything’s Rosie.

And to get your body moving, head for the B-Boy dance party of Snap Boogie, Peter Rabbit’s bucket drumming, and NEW this year, the Vinyl Burns DJ show for that smooth, chill groove at the end of the night.

We’re proud to bring full-time artists with incredible skills, outrageous comedy, and impeccable credentials to the Dundas Buskerfest. Our festival—your festival!—is committed to actively seeking performers from different backgrounds and experiences. Do you know an act—local, regional or international—you’d love to see here? Please let us know at the info booth or on social media.

Welcome to the party!

Allison Williams

Artistic Director



Artistic Director Allison Williams has managed events for Disney, Avenues Kuwait, Eid in Qatar, Dolphin Creative Dubai, Chrysler, TD Bank, Ritz-Carlton, Chiros Care, and the Chateau Laurier. She’s thrilled to return for her fifth year at Dundas Buskerfest! She performed here with Aerial Angels in 2006 and 2009, and at busker festivals around the world, including Waterloo, Victoria, Halifax and Ottawa in Canada, festivals in India, Singapore, Macedonia, Kosovo, Croatia, Austria and Belgium, and the Street Performer World Championships in Dublin, Ireland. Aerial Angels’ company outreach program, Starfish Circus, trains 2000 K-12 students every year in circus arts, problem-solving and courageous action.

A performer, writer and storyteller, Allison trained in mask and movement theatre and playwriting. Her solo show, TRUE STORY, toured the Canadian Fringe circuit and won Best of Show at the London Fringe. She has received numerous grants and awards, and won a $250,000 investment from Dragon’s Den. Most recently she played the title role and fight-directed an all-woman production of Macbeth for the National Theatre of Abu Dhabi and Dubai’s Constellation Productions.

As a writer, Allison has covered race, culture and comedy for National Public Radio’s The Moth and Snap Judgment, CBC’s Definitely Not the Opera and Love Me, and The New York Times. She has just finished a Young Adult novel that may never sell—go ahead and ask her why.



Performance Schedule

 2017 Schedule

Road closes at 6pm for BIA Merchant Sidewalk Sale and Festival Food

Friday, June 2nd   6:00 pm-10:00 pm

FRIDAY Music Pitch Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Fun Pitch Stage 5 Kids Area
6:30 Sonas Alakazam   Snap Boogie   Circus Kronos Peter Rabbit  
7:00     Vinyl Burns   Mike Wood Everything Rosie    
7:30 Leave it to Carl Waterbombs   Silver Starlets     Primal Melodies  
8:00     Allez-Oops!   John Stork: The Chair Guy Nik the Violin Kid    
8:30 Everything Rosie The Flyin’ Hawaiian   Bar Code Russian Bar     Mike Wood  
9:00     Peter Rabbit   Snap Boogie Sonas    
9:30 Circus Kronos Vinyl Burns DJ Show   Alakazam     Leave it to Carl  


Saturday, June 3rd   11:30 am – 10:00 pm

Sidewalk Sale, Arts & Crafts, Exhibitors and street entertainment all day

FRIDAY Music Pitch Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Fun Pitch Stage 5 Kids Area
12:00   Allez-Oops!   John Stork: The Chair Guy   Sonas Primal Melodies  
12:30 Everything Rosie   Bar Code Russian Bar   Alakazam     Kids’ Yoga with Ryan
1:00   The Flyin’ Hawaiian   Vinyl Burns   Laura Keating Waterbombs  
1:30 Circus Kronos   Snap Boogie   Silver Starlets     Bellydancing with Miss Jane
2:00   John Stork: The Chair Guy   Peter Rabbit   Everything Rosie Allez-Oops!  
2:30 The Vaudevillian   Waterbombs   Mike Wood     Crash Rhythm Play-Along
3:00   Vinyl Burns   Snap Boogie   Leave it to Carl Bar Code Russian Bar  
3:30 Sonas   The Flyin’ Hawaiian   Silver Starlets     Cirque Skills 101
4:00   Allez-Oops!   Alakazam   Circus Kronos John Stork: The Chair Guy  
4:30 The Vaudevillian   Peter Rabbit   Waterbombs     Kids’ Joke-Telling with Mike Wood
5:00   Snap Boogie   Silver Starlets   Sonas The Flyin’ Hawaiian  
5:30 Laura Keating   Vinyl Burns   Bar Code Russian Bar     Cirque Skills 101
6:00   Mike Wood   Allez-Oops!   The Vaudevillian Primal Melodies  
6:30 Leave it to Carl   The Flyin’ Hawaiian   John Stork: The Chair Guy      
7:00   Silver Starlets   Waterbombs   Everything Rosie Bar Code Russian Bar  
7:30 The Vaudevillian   Alakazam   Vinyl Burns      
8:00   Peter Rabbit   Mike Wood   Laura Keating Snap Boogie  
8:30 Circus Kronos   Everything Rosie   Leave it to Carl      
10:00       Vinyl Burns DJ Show        



Sunday June 4th ~ 11:30am to 6pm

Sidewalk Sale, Arts & Crafts, Exhibitors and street entertainment all day

 Music Pitch  Stage 1  Stage 2  Stage 3 Stage 4  Fun Pitch  Stage 4  Kids Area
12:00   Alakazam   Waterbombs   Clark Schlesinger Primal Melodies Kids’ Yoga with The Flyin’ Hawaiian
12:30 Everything Rosie   Mike Wood   Bar Code Russian Bar      
1:00   Vinyl Burns   The Flyin’ Hawaiian   The Vaudevillian Allez-Oops! Silver Starlets’ Dance Party
1:30 Madison Galloway   Waterbombs   John Stork: The Chair Guy      
2:00   Silver Starlets   Alakazam   Sonas Peter Rabbit Vinyl Burns’ Disco Kids
2:30 Clark Schlesinger   Bar Code Russian Bar   Mike Wood      
3:00   The Flyin’ Hawaiian   Snap Boogie   Madison Galloway Vinyl Burns Drum With Peter Rabbit
3:30 The Vaudevillian   John Stork: The Chair Guy   Allez-Oops!      
4:00   Silver Starlets   Peter Rabbit   Lacey Lucidity Primal Melodies Circus Kronos


Festival Map 2016

Download Event Map here.




The Dundas Buskerfest is thrilled to showcase greater Hamilton’s talent throughout the festival! Check out roving entertainment from crystal-ball juggler LACEY LUCIDITY, enjoy juggling and comedy by LEAVE IT TO CARL, rock-n-roll ragtime from THE VAUDEVILLIAN, and Irish melodies from SONAS. Join the jam with the drums and didgeridoos of PRIMAL MELODIES. And watch out for our cutest busker on four legs—EVERYTHING’S ROSIE!


Go Kids Go!
New this year! Activities and workshops all day Saturday and Sunday in our Go Kids Go! fun-fest at King and John. Kids yoga starts the day, and kids can bellydance, juggle, tell jokes, color, hula-hoop and more! Hosted by experienced circus educators and with guest workshops from our star performers. Come play!

2017_Lacey_Lucidity 2017 Ryan Stephenson

How Much Should I Give?

After each show, the performers will “pass the hat” for your tips and donations. This is the only way our buskers make their living. The festival provides a travel stipend and accommodations, but a busker’s paycheck is literally in your hands.

If you enjoyed the show enough to stay to the end, please contribute an amount you can afford that expresses your thanks to the busker for a job well-done!

It’s truly up to you how much to give. If their show was pretty good and you appreciated the effort, $2-5. If you loved their show and had a great time, give more. You won’t be the only person dropping in a $10 or a $20! If you truly can’t afford a tip, shake the performer’s hand and let them know you enjoyed the show. If you can afford more, put in a little extra to cover someone else who can’t afford to give.

Street performance is a group effort! The artists train their whole lives to present a skillful, funny show for your family to enjoy–your part is to show up and show your appreciation by enjoying the show, and giving what you can to keep street theatre alive!


sponsor_dundas-biaPresented by the Dundas, Ontario, BIA.

The Downtown Dundas Business Improvement Area (BIA) is made up of a group of over one hundred businesses…located between Cross Streets and John Streets in Downtown Dundas. For over 30 years they have dedicated their efforts to planning free family events throughout the course of the year as well as projects to beautify our downtown with hanging flower baskets and planters in the warm weather and Christmas decorations during the holiday season…. all paid for by those members. Hundreds of volunteer hours are given to plan and execute programs resulting in the vibrant downtown we all enjoy!

For more information and a business directory of BIA members, please go to www.downtowndundas.ca
The Dundas BIA would like to thank the many sponsors and all of our very special volunteers who make Buskerfest possible!!!




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Phyllis Kraemer, Executive Director

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Allison Williams, Artistic Director


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Dundas International Buskerfest is a street festival in Dundas Ontario. King St is closed from Cross Street to John Street for the duration of the festival.

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